When you look good, you feel good.
That is the mantra that Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman used to direct their creation of Monday Active, an activewear line that combines the timeless and flattering with such elegance and ease that it inspires you to make the most of yourself.

Centred around the female form, Natasha and Devin designed the brand to be worn both at the gym and throughout day-to-day life. It was therefore necessary to create something easy and breathable, yet fundamentally complimentary to any figure; something that you can be as proud of when walking through the streets as running on the treadmill: "We noticed that when we wear chic workout gear we are even more motivated to work out or get out into the day. We wear Monday Active not only to workout but with a leather jacket and hand bag to lunch, to run errands or to hop on a plane. "
Inspired by Natasha and Devin's emblematic lifestyle of travel, fitness - and the extreme dedication and business that lies behind the scenes - Monday Active hones in on the concepts on which they shape their world. The most important are those of self-appreciation and self-belief; the very breaths that they have breathed into the line.

The girls believe that no matter what challenges you face or ambitions you strive for, you're capable of anything. When wearing Monday Active, you'll know “YOU'VE GOT THIS!”